David Forest Financial Services

How we are different

Expertise & experience
  • David Forest started in the life insurance and annuity industry in 1975. He finished first in Canada in the Chartered Life Underwriters (CLU) exams out of 400 graduates. He has over 35 years of experience.
  • Jean Roy, an experienced actuary, joined us in 2006 as Vice-President. He spent 13 years with Standard Life and was nationally responsible for the product development and management of Standard Life's insurance products, and for policy customization. He has over 20 years of experience.
  • Our combined experience allows us to paint you a clear picture of the upside and the downside of planned actions and transactions. It allows us to better advise you.
Risk awareness focus
  • We know how you can make money but also how you can lose money and we can help you be more conservative while paying less tax. An awareness of your risks and the dangers you face, sometimes unconsciously, is a benefit everyone should seek out.
  • All our employees value confidentiality above all else. Everyone signs a confidentiality agreement agreeing to never discuss client issues and facts outside our office.
Independence & Strength
  • We are independent. No bank, financial institution nor insurance company owns any part of our company. No one lends us money. There are no conflicts of interest with our clients. We simply want what is best for them. We stress plan quality and financial solvency for our clients. We do not hold our clients' money. Solid, publicly traded, strongly regulated insurance companies with audited financial statements receive, invest and return their money to them.
We listen first
  • We like to know our client's situation in depth by gathering as many hard and soft facts as the client is comfortable in sharing with us. We listen first and then we aim to turn our knowledge into value for you.
In-depth research
  • We conduct ongoing independent market research in order to offer our clients the best plans in the industry. Though we have in-depth knowledge of the life insurance and annuity industry garnered over many decades, we read and make sure we understand any insurance contract and we always have a detailed research file available to support a summarized proposal.
We will look after you today and tomorrow
  • Our office has 6 support staff. All are dedicated to serving our clients and help make sure that the turnaround time for any request is short- we strive to be efficient and effective.
  • Choose whom you deal with wisely so you preserve your independence to change banks, investment managers, and stockbrokers in the future without loss of knowledgeable service from people you know and who know you.
Current plan status reports
  • We provide the best plan summaries available to let you know where you stand and to show you where you are going. And we do them when you want them, in a format that gives you a simple but thorough overview no matter how many different financial institutions you deal with.