David Forest Financial Services

Mission Statement

  1. We want our clients to stay or to become rich.
  2. We want you not to worry about capital loss. You worked too hard for your money to lose it.
  3. We want successful Canadians to be able to take advantage of the best plans available from the insurance and annuity industry which can at least double your interest bearing yields.
  4. We want Canadians to know about great estate planning ideas. You can help your loved ones while ensuring they are responsible and productive members of society. After your family is looked after, we want to show you how you can give money to your favorite charities without a loss of net worth.
  5. After thousands of cases and clients, we arrived at these conclusions:
    • Canadians do not have enough interest bearing assets.
    • Nor do they normally have adequate major risk assumption plans and enough tax reduction strategies.
    • We can help with all three.
  6. Our plan is to encourage Canadians to improve their asset allocation by holding and investing in non taxable interest bearing assets. We will encourage you to hold those assets in legal tax shelters like participating life insurance, interest bearing RRSP's, the tax free savings accounts and high yielding life annuities. We will encourage Canadians to hold 50% of their marketable securities in such interest bearing assets to prevent them from experiencing capital loss while earning a better yield after tax than your banks or brokers offer you.
  7. We will encourage Canadians to transfer the major risks to their earning power to insurance companies. Thus, in the event of death, disability, critical illness or old age, you and your family will have lots of tax free capital to deal with in responsible and intelligent ways. Life annuities guarantee Canadians that they cannot outlive their capital. This is important as some Canadians will see their capital go to zero while they are still alive especially since many have assumed equity risks that they did not fully comprehend. Our mission is to ensure Canadians have a sense of economic security caused by the assets they have with us. Ideally our clients will one day live off their interest bearing assets alone without the need to rely upon the equity markets for income. We will encourage Canadians to think of equities including real estate as their inflation hedge as opposed to their primary source of income.